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API Reference

Refers to the API Reference for a list of calls in the Finding Data. The API Reference includes the following information:

  • Prototypes of the request and response structure for each call.
  • Comprehensive list of inputs and outputs supported by each call and descriptions of their meaning and behaviour.
  • Call samples(Request and Response).
  • Index of schema elements (Types, Fields and Enumerations).
  • Change history information for each call.

Additional Resources

  • Making an API Call
  • API Reference
  • API results on JSON

Inventory API

  • This call can be used to show up inventory current stock item records.
  • Each items must have their own SKU value.
  • This container is used to specify the quantity of the inventory item that are available for purchase.

Finding API

  • Call to search for items that contain data matching a specified product.
  • API that find out the list current stock items by major categories.

Commerce API

  • Provides advanced tools for managing and updating your commerce sale on inventory.
  • Also list out commerce sale on inventory sales report.
  • Also affect on the inventory End of day calculation.

API Result

  • Right now we are providing API Results on JSON format.

API Reference Key

  • API Reference key which is used to access inventory data through your Web Application.
Sandbox ID
  • Sandbox ID is unique store ID for getting data.
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