Team Silverlightsystems

TeamSilverlight systems deliver high quality retail solutions, focusing on generating long term retail partnerships. We are dedicated to helping local businesses thrive, making your success ours.

Our easy to use products are customized according to the needs of the business and have been painstakingly developed using personal experiences in the retail industry and feedback from local business."

About us

We are a young team of programmers, consultants, and IT experts bridging the gap between realities of business and the IT tools used to run these businesses. This is why we designed the Silverlight systems range of products for complete simplicity focused on the needs of the independent retailer.

Retailers need to compete in an increasingly competitive market keeping themselves onboard with the latest development in the POS computer systems. Our localized, multi-currency cloud-based POS solution offers large and small retailers with little experience of technology and limited funds for IT, robust tools that are easy to use but customized to their daily needs.

The ease of use of Silverlight systems software has generated a lot of interest and demands not only from the tech-savvy business owners but also from the traditional business owners who have relied on archaic tools for running their business.

We also provide stand-alone solutions developed to cover certain needs. Bespoke software development is a way to help businesses, whose needs cannot be fulfilled by standard software solutions. By combining our software expertise with your business model, we can create a tailored bespoke solution that ultimately gives your business a competitive edge and helps you improve teamwork and save time.

If you would like to know more and to see if Silverlight systems products might be a fit for your business, please arrange a free onsite consultation today.