Silverlightsystems Retail (Epos) - RMS

With RMS (Retail Management Solution) we have solution whether you are a single store or multi-store branches. Our RMS retail solution is easy to set up. Helps you control your inventory, process sales, maintain customer records, produce various reports for progress and review.


65/ month
  • one time installation charges : 450.00
    special offer price : 299.00
  • 1 licence
  • upto 5 employees login
  • online support
  • Free updates
  • cloud backup
  • Any additional PC35.00
  • one time installation per year (if HDD or PC Damaged) : 100.00


175/ month
  • one time installation charges : 450.00
    special offer price : 299.00
  • upto 5 licence
  • unlimited employees login
  • 24/7 support
  • Free updates
  • cloud backup
  • Any additional PC30.00
  • one time installation per year (if HDD or PC Damaged) : 100.00

Customer Management

Creating and managing Customer database is the first important part of the program. Our software lets you create new customer within a minute in simple steps by taking key details from customer to contact them back for any updates.

Also helps you avoid any duplicate data creation by checking customer detail from existing database while creation by validating email address and phone number. This avoids you creating multiple account for the same customer by different staff at different time and loosing track of repeated customer history.

Sell from Main POS

EPOS selling page is designed cleverly to handle Sales / Buy / Exchange all 3 process and together at a same transaction if required.

POS window is very simple to use and possible to take different type of payments (Cash / Card / Voucher) and all 3 payment types together if required.

Adding customer details on every transaction to keep information of customer loyalty and repeated customers history.

Buy from Customer for Cash and Exchange Price

RMS allows you to buy products from customers for Cash or Exchange value at different value(amount), so you can offer more value to promote exchange transaction to keep the cash flow in your business.

Multiple action on same POS

When checking stock check or item history or reports, all the windows can be minimised and restored back into visible again without having to close another window. Gives you an effective competetive edge to multi task.

Save and Retrieve Order

At business we get busy at times and quite often we need to hold certain transaction for many reasons but dont want to delete the order page, or simply for a reason if you want to serve another customer for a simple or quick transaction.

At RMS you can save the order and retrieve the order which is very clever and useful to bring back the details of transaction and customer details within seconds.

Maintain individual Cost for each item from same Item ID

One of the main challenge on second hand business is "Not all items of same group or category will be purchased at a same price". So it is important to hold cost of each item even if they are identical product which falls under the same Item ID.

Therefore it helps to keep the cost of every individual item to work out the profit of each item and profit margin ratio worked out precisely.

At the end of the day, any business runs to make profit, we understand this and we have developed RMS to handle this smart. This helps you make calculative decisions with correct data.

Discounts and Discount Limits setup

RMS can handle discounts for every item individually item and possible to set maximum limit of discount for every item. So your member of staff will not be able to abuse this discount facility as they wish. Able to control the profit margin by limiting the discount amount.

Combination Payment Method

Allows every transaction to accept Cash or Card or Voucher or all of them together at a single transaction. This gives great opportunity to serve all type of customers and being flexible to close every sale.


RMS understands the importance of Cash flow in any business. So we have incorporated voucher facility for customers which can be redeemed only at your store or your group of stores. Thus your cash flow in business is not affected and helps you buy more other products or spend it on something which is more important.

To make this attractive you can set a more value you can offer for items sold for Voucher.Also allows to sell Voucher to your customers which can be used as a gift card.

Buy Back

Very thoughful business model comes with great business opportunity. Here at our RMS we offer "BUY BACK" scheme to increase your revenue and profit margin.

Buy Back model is very useful for those customers who dont want to sell their goods/items for cash, instead they sell the item at an agreed price by you and right to buy it back at a certain period agreed by you.

This is not Pawn scheme, that requires to have license to operate and complying lots of rules and regulations.

Instead this is a very simple agreement between you and the customer wish to sell and buy it back and if they dont buy it back within stipulated time then business has all the rights to sell it to recover the money.

As a business you can set a rate you give for your customers goods and buy back amount at 10% or reasonale 30% if you can be competetive.

This works best of both worlds, customer is happy to get their item back at a small holding fee and business gain guranteed income of set selling price. And increase your store footfall by offering one more service.

Reserve an Item / Pay Deposit

Supposing a customer would like to buy an item from your store and dont have full money to pay at one go, RMS has facility to offer customer to pay deposit(fixed by your business 20% or 30%) to reserve an item and pay the money in multiple parts within the time frame agreed by you.

Failing to complete the payment within the stipulated time frame agreed will incur cancelling the deal and No refunds of Deposit or any top up money paid towards the item.This gives your customer convienience to pay in parts for the item they could not offored to pay in full and you gained an happy customer.

At every part payment RMS will issue a receipt and works out your profit margin very cleverly.


In most of the business Refunds are ineviatble. At RMS we have given careful thought to that and its easy to handle any refunds with very less steps.

Unlike any other system, at RMS you can refund a particular item from the list of items purchased on an invoice receipt, also allows you to perform full or part of that particular item selected with a text box to write a reason for refund.

RMA Booking and Maintenance

Not many software available in the market have given full thought for a Returns to handle once item is refunded or damaged at your store or business.

At RMS, we have provided you an effective tool to handle returns from Refund items or from damaged items.

Helps you book in RMA straight from Refund screen or book RMA for repairs directly through RMA window.

Store Transfer of Stocks

This is very useful tool for business who have multiple locations or branches. Enable you to transfer goods from one store or location to another. RMS handles this feature very easily with few clicks.

Item History

Once an item added into the stock, its entire movement and footprint can be monitored by checking its unique number(IMEI or Serial Number).

a. When an item bought, by who, from who, at what price b. when an item was sold, by who, to who(if customer details were added at POS), at what price c. If an item was refunded, by who, when, what reason, what happens next d. If an item moved from one store to another or from one category to another or from one item id to another id e. If an item resold or added back into stock after RMA Almost every movement of any single item can be tracked.

This gives you a great advantage to skim through the histroy of any item incase if any investigation arise.

Add unlimited Items to stock individually and Excel Sheet upload

Add any number of items into stock by adding them individually or use excel sheet to add them all together and upload any single sheet of data.

Employee creation with setting rights for each employee individually

RMS allows "Super Admin" to create any number of employess with their full details and set rights and limit their use for security reasons.

Super Admin ultimately controls employee's functions and their rights to using RMS.

Promotions and Special Offer Display on Price Label

Not something usually available on most of the leading softwares available in the market.Promotions and Special Offer can be displayed on any particular item or particular category which is displaed on the price label itself.

This eyecatchy feature helps you boost the sale of those items on promotion or sale offer.

For Ex: a. 50% off on laptop bag when this Laptop purchased b. Free mobile phone case when this Mobile Phone purchased.

Add on Sale Tool tip for sale staff

This is another unique feature, in which user can add a sale tool tip on any particular item they sell or for the entire category of an item.

For Ex: Tool tip offer of "30% off earphone when any mobile phone sold" Once its set, this tool tip appears on the POS screen when any mobile phone sold. Even if your staff forgot to promote this offer, tooltip reminds of to sell earphones for every phone sale. Adds up more sale for each transactions.

Complete Stock Check and Control

Entire stock added into RMS can be viewed by each department wise or category wise or make and model wise.

This is very useful to take stock check periodically, which keep in control of your entire stock.

Employee Log Complete Foot Print

RMS provides you complete footprint of any user activities. This great feature enables you to monitor each and every user or employees action with date and time and their actions within the software.

This comes very handy incase of any investigations to be carried out.


After all the hardwork, viewing the results of work help you understand growth or area requires an improvement.

Reports are backbone to any key decision making process. At RMS we have not forgotten that. We have provided more than 20 different combinations of reports, available Even if it is possible to generate tiny percentage of that data. However, that tiny percentage of the whole worlds data is actually a big percentage of your organizations knowledge

With so much data floating around, it can be hard to know what to do with it all. That is where reporting and data analytics come into play. Data analytics is the science of examining raw data with the purpose of drawing conclusions about that information. Reports are used in many industries to allow companies and organizations to make better business decisions and in the sciences to verify or disprove existing models or theories.

EOD All Tills and individual Tills Close

End Of Day - is one of the very most function of any major software. Every individual amount shows in one page and produces the result as how much cash should be in each till or all tills together.

RMS providing you a choice of closing each till individually or all tills together.

Country and Region Currency Change

RMS provides option to change currency, this makes RMS internationaly compatible software. You can set up currency on tools settings. We have provided option for most of the famous currencies. In case if you can't find your currency on Tools option.

Continuous Updates

We are continuing to improve our software to serve you the best and simple way possible. As soon any new developements or improvements to software added then you will get a free udpates notification on your software promting you to update.

With just couple of clicks your software will be updated automatically to experience any new features updated. This is free of charge as long you choose to use our service.

And if you have any more suggestions of features to add which helps your business the please get in touch we will be happy to help you.