Why Silverlightsystems?

Silverlight systems, Our applications offers alternative to the standard software installation in the business environment (traditional model) where a user has to build the server, install the application and configure it.

Not every business and needs are the same even within the same industry. We always listen to you, identify your exact need and offer you the right solution which suits your business model.



  • With Silverlight Systems you are adding one more workforce into your team. Makes your daily business easy and effortless from making orders, adding stock, sales, stock check and reports. So you and your team will save time and focus more on improving other areas require your attention.

  • Cloud (Hybrid) System

  • Using Cloud storage your data is secure and always kept up to date. Your valuable data of business transaction and customer databse are backed up everyday. Offers you peace of mind from any unforseen incidents.

  • Cloud_Hybrid_System

    Technical Support

  • We are available to offer help and solution for any size of business. Providing solutions for big corporate companies to small independent business owners almost around the clock.

  • Convenience

  • Silverlight System is designed to run locally on your device, your business is not internet dependent. You can still operate our POS without internet connection if your internet or telephone line disturbed. That makes our products a very powerful tool for your business.

  • Convenience