ARM Features & Benefits


Who is it for?

  • ORM is tailor made for any company who deals with repairs and maintenance like Mobile phone repair shop, Computer shops, Insurance claim processing companies, Watch repair shop, Bike repair shop, Jewelry repair shop, Auto repair and Gaming shops.

  • What are the Benefits to your Business?

  • A secure application that integrates the repair shops administration, data handling and accounting processes.

  • The system efficiently manages every-day tasks to optimize your time, manpower and resources-leaving you free to focus on core revenue-generating activities.

  • It automates and organizes essential everyday tasks, from generating invoices to maintaining service records and managing the schedule. The system is local based application with one time installation done by our tech team with data available offline not relying on the availability or continuity of internet connection.

  • All data is securely backed up remotely on high-security cloud servers data with the ability to restore if required. The software is extremely user friendly and feature rich with 24/7 customer support, easy to setup and quick to learn, giving you more time to focus on customers.

  • What_are_the_Benefits

    Customer Management

  • ORM creates new customer ID within a minute in simple steps by taking key details from customer to contact them back for any updates.

  • Avoids duplication of data by checking customer detail from existing database by validating email address and phone number, thus avoiding creating multiple account for the same customer by different staff at different time points

  • Job Management

  • ORM is designed to help you add more detail at every step of the repair process. From the time the new job is booked until the time job is collected by customer; every step in depth with customized status is created you for your business.

  • You can create your own status and use them to mark the status accordingly with detail note. Every job ID will have data with date and time with the login ID of the employee who updated it. This helps to track down the entire history of any given job number with great detail for any future investigation.

  • ORM helps you keep the payment method simple and trackable by individual job. Helps you create multiple payment title for multiple service may require for a same job and holds detail record of individual payment title.

  • Job_Management

    Job Sheet

  • ORM gives a token of trust is given in an A4 sheet with all the details of the job booked in. Job sheet serves an important role every time the job booked in. Printed with Unique Job number, item description, reported fault by customer, date of booking and price quoted or paid in advance.

  • This detail job sheet with Job number helps you track the job at your repair shop also helps your customer for call back for any updates or when customer return to collect their item.

  • This replaces any hand written document or simple spreadsheet used in many repair shops. It gives customer confidence, trust and shows how professionalism.

  • Also ORM allows to customize and displays your own disclaimer and terms and conditions to keep your business protected from any unforeseen argument.

  • Job Updates to Customers

  • ORM allows you create your own profile and message for each status as you wish and helps you control which status should be updated to customer. Once setup is done, ORM will send an automated email to customer about their status instantly.

  • Thus customer are fully informed about their item / devices. this feature saves time & helps to focus running your business by reducing inbound customer phone calls for updates on repairs.

  • Job_Updates_to_Customers


  • ORM gives you clear black & white data reports to helps you understand your business better and helps you take a right decision interims of understanding repair performance or revenue stream by daily weekly or monthly.

  • Enables you to cross check like for like repairs and revenue figures, same time last year and last month. Over 10 different types reports built in already helps you make key decision in business.

  • We are continuously working on making more improvements to bring different style reports, charts and analysis to see where you stand at any given time of your business.

  • Returns and Warranty

  • Warranty and returns are inevitable in repair business. ORM is equipped with facility to verify any repair comes back under warranty to take a right decision.

  • When the job claims to be under warranty, ORM helps you verify serial number or IMEI or any unique number marked at the time of booking the job. Once you identified the job number you can easily validate the warranty period by the original date of booking and warranty period mentioned at the time of collecting the job.

  • If the warranty period is finished or system will warn you the same and software will still allow you to book back into the same job number if you choose to over rule the warranty period expiry warning.

  • Also helps you verify the old record of repair to understand the current problem is relevant to the repair carried out in the first place or not. This helps avoiding those customer who abuse the system of bringing back the repair repeatedly.

  • Returns_and_warrenty

    Company Logo, Terms and Image Upload

  • You can upload your own company logo and company details in ORM, this appears on the job sheet and payment receipt when it gets printed. This assures not only professionalism and also increases confidence and credibility in your company in among customer.

  • ORM enables you to customize your companies Terms & Conditions which helps the customer agrees and reducing unnecessary misunderstanding and argument if something goes wrong.

  • Each job allows you to upload images and documents of the item booked in for repair, so this backs you up in the event of customer blaming you for any damage which may already exist prior to your repair progress. You can easily do this by attaching a webcam and capture image inside every individual booked job.

  • Easy and Simple to Use

  • ORM is designed to capture in-depth detail of every job and process while making sure its very simple and easy to use for any company or staff. It can run from the low specification of computer or laptop to high standard customer built PC and run on any windows.

  • We make sure our ORM is easy to use with minimum staff training and monitoring. Also carefully considered using validation in key areas to avoid mistakes made by staff, which keep ORM more robust and user friendly.

  • From the time of creating new customer, booking a new job, updating an existing job, payment, recipes and reports all done with few click of a button. This helps you serve customer with more confidence & quick by saving more time to help another customer waiting in queue.

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    Customized Feilds and Details

  • Most of the important areas of the business which is personal to any business can be customized in ORM. Business to business services and prices changes, we have kept that in mind, hence ORM is designed to enable you to create your own price list. By creating Category, make and model and repeated enquiries and repairs with price and cost, you can create and edit price list as the market changes. This helps you to keep the same price across the store, so no confusion of staff giving different price to customer for the same job.

  • Keeping your business identity is very important, so ORM allows you to customize Company Logo, Company Details, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer and Email message to customer upon updating job status.

  • Enables you to choose Color for individual status of job helps you identify which job is important, helps you prioritize your working hours.

  • Hybrid Technology - No Need of Internet with Cloud Backup

  • Most commonly faced problems in many business are, a) cannot work without internet with online database dependency. b) Working local without online is greater risk of loosing all the data if something goes wrong to your PC or laptop or HDD.

  • The system is local based application with one time installation done by our tech team with data available offline not relying on the availability or continuity of internet connection.

  • All data is securely backed up remotely on high-security cloud servers data with the ability to restore if required.

  • Cloud_Backup